Discover the world of Yamaha SMT PCB assembly production

Yamaha SMT Section boosts electronic manufacturing productivity with the 1 Stop Smart Solution, which offers high-speed, high-accuracy, highly reliable equipment and software tools for automated, inline assembly. Our portfolio brings advanced features and class-leading performance for all processes in the line, including stencil/screen printing, component placement, solder-paste inspection (SPI), and automated optical inspection (AOI) for populated PCB assemblies. Our flexible selection covers a broad performance range and offers value-added features, from entry level to our most advanced and highest-performing YR series mounters and AOI systems, giving you powerful choices to meet your production needs and your budget.

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The YSP series stencil printers ensure excellent repeatability and fast cycle time, with features such as the 3S (swing single squeegee) head that automatically optimises the squeegee angle for repeatable aperture filling. Our latest, Global SMT award-winning YSP10 automates stencil changeovers, taking care of everything including restarting the print process without operator intervention.

Our pick and place machines range from the economical and efficient YSM10 to the 140,000 cph (IPC 9850) YSM40R, including our new YRM20 next-generation mounter with its advanced rotary placement head, new low-impact nozzles, and state-of-the-art motion control. Equipped to place advanced 0201 surface-mount device (SMD) parts and ICs with fine-pitch I/O pins, they can also handle large or tall components such as automotive connectors quickly and accurately. And innovations such as the eATS tray handler, auto-loading feeder (ALF), and ZSR high-speed feeder ensure extended non-stop production.

Our latest YRi-V AOI systems enhance every aspect of inspection, from program generation to managing device descriptions. You can overcome the challenges presented by tiny component sizes and solder fillets, densely spaced components, and shadows that can prevent other systems inspecting important component features. With advanced inspection algorithms, increased inspection height, and higher maximum resolution, our YRi-V platform delivers unbeatable performance in all-Yamaha lines or when used with equipment from other vendors – making this the AOI of choice for the entire industry.

You can also choose our YST15 smart, connected storage system to deliver components from inventory to the right machines, at the right time, and maximise efficiency.

Our YSB55w and new YRH10 hybrid placers deliver accurate die and SMD-chip placement capability for assembling modules, and for semiconductor back-end packaging. Capable of handling panel sizes up to 330mm x 250mm, the YRH10 offers flexible features including intelligent feeders and various tray-handling solutions, with setup options to optimise for specific product types like power modules and MEMS sensors.

The 1 Stop Smart Solution connects Yamaha inline printers, dispensers, mounters, and AOI, with intelligent storage, for data-driven manufacturing managed by our intuitive YSUP user interface and Factory Tools 4.0 applications for programming, setup, monitoring, and trends analysis for continuous improvement. By automatically analysing inspection results, the machines can work together to diagnose problems and alert the operator directly through the GUI or using the Mobile Judgement app.