Targeting Business Growth through Advanced Capabilities, Productivity and Quality. Strongly committed to enhancing its leadership not only in Italy but also in Europe, GR Elettronica is glad to announce its strategic cooperation with Yamaha Motor IM Europe GmbH.

Over three days, from January 28-30, delegates talked business, toured the newly opened 52,000m2 factory, and took time out at Yamaha Communication Plaza – the exhibition facility Yamaha created to share its pursuit of kando* through the exciting products of the past, present, and future.

Such cooperation will shortly translate into the implementation of a new complete SMT production line aimed not only to remarkably reduce production failure rates but also to cut the relevant costs, thus setting a new technological standard in the entire EMS industry for businesses whose sizes are comparable to GR Elettronica’s.

The line is made up of the YSP screen printer, latest-generation mounters, and pre-reflow AOI with closed-loop software allowing the prompt identification of even tiny problems in key pre-reflow processes. This operating mode paves the way for an entirely new concept of “rework” as it has been understood so far. In addition Yamaha’s unified manufacturing and control software links the entire line, which enables GR Elettronica to significantly revise its production process aiming at an ideal combination of Total Quality (Zero Failure Trend) and highly-competitive production efficiency.

The availability of the technology as combined with GR Elettronica’s own operating features undoubtedly is a unique chance OEMs seeking a European EMS partner that sets a benchmark in terms of production quality, sustainable costs, reduced downtime, and rapid handling of manufacturing processes for unbeatable Time To Market. GR Elettronica can also assure absolutely certain production repeatability in the case of several batches of the same product distributed over time, hand in hand with total traceability. Always with a view to continuous improvement, which GR Elettronica deems to be the only way towards full customer satisfaction.

“The choice of Yamaha stems from the amazing like-minded interaction between a Japanese giant and an Italian SME such as GR Elettronica in fully meeting our production and support requirements” said GR Elettronica President Ms Simonetta Giuliodori. The Yamaha YS series is a complete, intelligent SMT assembly system comprising the YSP precision printer, modular high-speed, general-purpose and wide-range component mounters offering placement capability up to 72k-50k cph (IPC9850), and the YSi-12 and YSi-S high-speed precision hybrid inspectors for inline or standalone AOI.

Key features of the YS series include advanced print capabilities with print stability control, vision inspection and 3S swing-squeegee head for optimum process control. The mounters have compact dimensions allowing superb area productivity and large feeder capacity, and maintain their consistent precision with Yamaha’s advanced Multiple Accuracy Compensation System.

As a complete, intelligent system, the YS SMT line benefits from productivity-boosting features such as one-click AOI program creation. Yamaha’s control and monitoring software unifies the YS line, promoting seamless interactions, helping minimise setup and changeover times, and supporting traceability and continuous improvement.

In addition, Yamaha’s closed-loop technology feeds back data from pre-reflow 2D inspection, allowing real-time diagnostics to pinpoint the root cause of any detected defect. The software’s built-in long-term analysis capabilities also allow predictive maintenance, which helps maximise productivity and minimise equipment downtime.

“Yamaha’s approach is always to cooperate closely with our customers and maintain long-term commitment, to help them gain the maximum competitive advantage using our advanced technologies. Working together, to be stronger, is the surest route to success in today’s market,” said Yamaha Europe General Manager SMT Business Group Mr Patrick de Wit.

GR Elettronica is an Italian company with more than 40 years‘ experience in electronic manufacturing contract services. It has the most appropriate size, know-how and technological characteristics to meet the production requirements of innovative industries such as Telecom/Datacom, Industrial Controls, Medical, Military, and Automotive.

GR Elettronica can handle the entire production flow: from the procurement and tracking of electronic/electromechanical components and plastic and/or mechanical parts to assembling (SMT, PoP, THT), testing, packaging and after sales support/maintenance of boards or finished items.

Besides being ISO 9001-certified and an IPC member, it has been granted Rating 1 by Cribis and its ISO TS certification process is currently under way – to be completed in 2015.

Über Yamaha Robotics SMT Section
Yamaha Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Section ist eine Abteilung der Yamaha Motor Robotics Business Unit in der Yamaha Motor Corporation und wurde 1984 gegründet. Yamahas Bestücker haben sich im SMD-Markt einen Namen gemacht mit Ihrem "Modul-Konzept", dass sie hervorragend mit dem Trend bei der Bestückung von Leiterplatten, hin zu kleineren und vielfältigeren elektrischen/elektronischen Bauteilen, kombinieren können.

Yamaha SMT Section hat einen starken Marktanteil im Bereich der SMD-Bestückung mit über 40.000 (2017) installierten Maschinen. Dies ermöglicht, dass Design und Engineering, Herstellung, Vertrieb und Service in einem umfassenden System durchgeführt werden können. Darüber hinaus hat das Unternehmen seine Kerntechnologien in den Bereichen Servomotor-Steuerung und Bilderkennung für Kamerasysteme für Lotpasten-Drucker, Leiterplatten-Inspektion, Flip-Chip-Hybrid-Bestücker Dispenser und intelligente SMD-Lagersysteme eingebracht. Dies ermöglicht es, eine komplette Linie für die elektrische/elektronische Bauteil-Montage anzubieten, d.h. Yamaha kann den Bedürfnissen der Fertigung mit einer optimalen Auswahl an Systemen begegnen.

Yamaha SMT Section verfügt über Vertriebs-und Service-Niederlassungen in Japan, China, Südost-Asien, Europa und Nordamerika und bietet damit ein globales Vertriebs-und Servicenetz mit kurzen lokalen Wegen. Weitere Informationen über Yamaha SMT Section, finden Sie unter:


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