Feeder repair service

We inspect, clean and calibrate all feeders sent to our repair center. If any broken parts must be replaced, we submit a quotation for your approval. After approval, the feeders are repaired and calibrated, packed and sent back. Turnaround is assured within 2 weeks, excluding shipment time.

All feeders are returned with a calibration and replacement parts report included.

Your Benefits


  • Regular, professional maintenance lengthens machine lifetime and increases machine uptime.
  • Reduces the possibility of partial or complete breakdown.
  • Reduces component waste.
  • Allows you to optimize equipment performance.
  • Limited need to train your own personnel for maintenance and repair.
  • Relieves the burden of maintaining feeders, saves investing in maintenance and calibration tools.
  • Clearer visibility of operating costs and status of all your feeders.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Increase uptime.
  • Increase product quality.
  • Decrease costs.
  • Decrease dumped/mis-picked components.
  • Decrease operator intervention.

Our products

Yamaha Electrical Feeders

ZS – SS – ES – FI type

Yamaha i-Pulse feeders

F3 type


FS2 – FS(i) – CL(i) – FV type

Σ Sigma

GT – GD – SL type

Contact us

Contact us at the email address or telephone number below. Ship your feeders directly to our feeder repair service center. Yamaha will contact you to notify cost of maintenance and any repairs. We offer fast, efficient service and invoicing.

Shipping address:

Yamaha Feeder repair service
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