Exchange Your Past
For The Future

Get 20 000 € trade-in value for your old Yamaha machine when you buy Yamaha’s latest, most flexible, and efficient premium mounter YSM20R-PV.

Act now, before your machines become obsolete and spare parts become unavailable, causing unexpected operational stops. Reward your factory with Yamaha’s offer and make way for the future!

Get these performance benefits with the YSM20R-PV, including feeders and software:

  • With one YSM20R-PV you save floorspace &
    double the output per ㎡
  • Single or double beam system
  • Single stage or double stage conveyor
  • HM or FM head
  • Fixed feeder banks or feeder exchange system
  • Automatic import of existing VIOS & TXT programs
  • Twice as accurate
  • Large component range from 0201 mm to 55 x 55 mm
  • Large board size capability L 810 x W 490 mm

Trade-in offer, including packing and shipping costs, valid for following models:

  • Yamaha:
    YV100, YV100X, YV100Xg, YG100 or YG100R
  • Assembleon:
    Topaz, Topaz-X, Topaz-XII, Opal-XII, MG1, MG1R

YSM20R-PV standard features

  • Highly accurate and durable electrical ZS-feeder
  • Auto Loading Feeder (ALF) ready
  • Built-in tape cutter
  • Automatic nozzle cleaning & health check
  • Fixed feeder banks or feeder exchange system
  • Scan camera on HM head for component recognition
    up to L 12 x B 12 x H 6,5 mm
  • Component side view function
  • Easy component vision creation with smart recognition

YSM20R-PV options

  • Conveyor extension for boards up to L 1200 mm
  • Automatic board support pin setting system
  • 3 different tray handling systems
  • 3 different feeder exchange systems (FES)


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