Visit Yamaha at booth 323, Hall A3, Productronica, November 14-17, 2017

Yamaha Motor Europe IM Division will showcase its Total Line Solution, delivering the latest in high-accuracy, high-speed, high-quality & flexible surface-mount assembly and new Factory Tools 4.0 at a new custom-designed booth for Productronica 2017 this November.

The new booth layout is designed to welcome and inform, enabling visitors to overview the Total Product Portfolio and focus on individual display areas to gain deeper insights into equipment and software of special interest.

Auto Loading Feeder

The biggest improvement in line productivity & efficiency is the introduction of the Yamaha Auto Loading Feeder (ZS-ALF). This feeder allows the addition of a second reel to supply in the same feeder at any time during operation. The ALF design removes any need for splicing materials or operators with good splicing skills, while reducing tape waste and paper dust particles. The ALF also reduces machine down time, increases line efficiency, and boosts placement quality.

3D MID production platform

The SMT industry is at the beginning of a new era containing advanced and innovative products built with 3D printing materials and printed electronics. For this type of production Yamaha will introduce the S20- 3D MID (Molded Interconnect Device) machine. Built on a standard S20 mounter paltform, this new machine is able to dispense adhesive or solder and mount components on 3D substrates at any angle.

The outperforming prining quality of the YCP10 screen printer, featuring the unique 3S head with variable-angle squeegee and easy-to-use graphical stencil alignment, is taking over the printing market. More and more customers are recgonizing Yamaha printing technology as the best printing solution ever made.

The award-winning 4-beam YSM40R with unbeatable 200,000 cph placement speed will show how its 1-meter line length delivers a performance edge for space-constrained enterprises.

Visitors looking for maximum speed with flexibility will find their target in the updated Sigma G5S2, which is improved to reach 90,000 cph high-speed placement. Ultra-configurable thanks to two-head type placement and the integrated Overdrive Control System, the G5S2 introduces innovations such as die-feature recognition for optically-accurate LED placement.

The YSM20 90,000 cph machine from the new high-speed modular YSM family optimizes productivity with features like smart component-shape recognition, automatic accuracy compensation, time-saving 1-head placement, and advanced features for fast changeovers.

European audiences will also get their first view of the new YSM10 mounter, part of the game-changing high-speed modular family. The 1-beam, 1-head YSM10 delivers best-in-class 46,000 cph placement speed, benefiting from the High-speed Multi head, versatile component feeding, multi-camera, e-Vision, and smart component recognition of the high-end YSM40R and YSM20. These machines will also be on the booth, alongside the YSM10.

Special Focus on Latest Advances

Yamaha’s total line solution is completed with the YSi-V high-speed 3D automatic optical inspection (AOI) system. With a further boost to inspection speed, introduced in 2017, as well as increased resolution for ultra-high accuracy inspecting components down to 0201 (metric), YSi-V now sets the highest performance standards in the industry.

The YSi-V family provides versatile choices from entry-level 2D-only to dual-mode 2D/3D inspection, 5Mpixel or 12Mpixel cameras, and the high-speed camera of the HS2 type.

Checking the boards immediately after placement from four angles and with multiple wavelengths including infrared ensures faultless defect capture with zero errors. Laser height checking also verifies coplanarity and perfect pin-in-paste insertion. In addition, integrated software that converts from mounter data, combined with the intuitive YSi-V graphical user interface (GUI), ensure new product introduction (NPI) achieves the fastest possible ramp-up. YSi-V can be used for post-placement, post-reflow, or in both locations – and the closed-loop data interface with the Yamaha mounters enables the unique Quality Assistence (QA) software to send data to Yamaha mounters in the line in real-time to resolve any mounting problems extremely quickly.

Yamaha Factory Automation will give a glimpse of how the Yamaha Advanced Robotics Automation Platform can help electronics businesses boost assembly productivity even further. Yamaha’s robotics portfolio like orbit SCARA and cartesian robots are already setting the pace of automation in numerous industries, and visitors can now see how this technology is ready to deliver affordable, reprogrammable solutions for electronic manufacturing assembly.

A dedicated software area will help visitors understand the power Yamaha Factory Tools 4.0 bring to the enterprise. This complete suite includes tools for NPI with virtual sticky tape checks, multiple grouping and efficient setup cenarios, monitoring, traceability and planning, and enables real-time status visualization at every level of the factory.  In addition, the AOI inspection database, iProDB, captures inspection results from post-mounting & post-reflow to help optimize processes and improve design for manufacture. There are also apps like Mobile Judgement, which keep supervisors informed wherever they are and minimize the time to fix stoppages.

Visitors can experience these must-see innovations for themselves at the Yamaha booth, 323 Hall A3, during Productronica at Messe Munchen, November 14-17, 2017.

About Yamaha Robotics SMT Section
Yamaha Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Section is a subdivision of Yamaha Motor Robotics Business Unit in Yamaha Motor Corporation. Yamaha surface mount equipment is highly acclaimed in the market for their “module concept” that enables them to keep pace with the trend toward smaller and more diverse electric/electronic parts being mounted on circuit boards.

Yamaha SMT Section has created a strong business in the surface mount industry that enables design and engineering, manufacture, sales and service to be conducted in one comprehensive system. Furthermore, the Company has used its core technologies in the areas of servo-motor control and image recognition technology for vision (camera) systems to develop solder paste printers, 3D solder paste inspection, 3D PCB inspection machines, flip chip hybrid placers and dispensers. This allows Yamaha SMT Section to offer a full line of machines for electric/electronic parts mounting and propose optimum production-line makeup to answer the diversifying needs of today’s manufacturers.

Yamaha SMT Section has sales and service offices in Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Europe and North America provide a truly global sales and service network that will safeguard best in class on-site sales & service support for clients.

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